Since 1996 the Lind Building has been family owned and managed.

The building features Dedicated Fiber Optic Internet Service and the suites are “Move-in Ready Today”.    Operable windows, 24 hour access and a controlled lobby make this the perfect professional office.  LED spot lights and kitchenetts in most suites and many with wood floors, gives the residential appearance that provides for a relaxed work environment.

Our Heritage

Completed in 1984 to look as though it was constructed in 1884, the Lind Building was built by local real estate developer William “Bill” Stein, a custom home developer who specialized in adding old world charm to his expensive beach front residences in Venice Beach, California.


Unique Interior(s)


Our Unique Team

What is unique about the Lind building is that we have had the same staff for over 20 years.

We have close relationships with all of our tenants and they are always comfortable in picking up the phone and calling, even if just to hello or express their satisfaction with the care that has been shown for the property.

Our landscaper/ gardener Mike takes great pride in his work and it shows.

Our custodian/ janitorial Jonas has been with the building longer than we have owned the property, since 1996.  It seems he is always there to attend to whatever is needed.

Our IT technician, Dave allows tenants to focus on their business knowing that their phones, voicemail and internet are being monitored 24 hours a day and when they to add or change phone lines or locations, it is handled for them overnight if not during the same day.

This loyalty is a bonus to our tenants as everyone has been accustomed to a consistently high level of service and feels comfortable knowing that the staff is like their extended staff, always ready to help. This longevity  has provided for a personal relationship with each of our tenants.   There is an element of trust that is created by this consistency that provides peace of mind for our tenants that their place of business is well taken care of and that whatever their needs may be, even if out of the ordinary, they will be met.  Maybe that is why so many of our tenants have been at the lind building for 10 years or longer.

Unique Interior


Here at the Lind Building, our tenants mean the world to us.  We strive to create a great atmosphere, provide cutting-edge technology, reliable maintenance and above all great value.  Below are some thoughts from a few of our tenants.

“It is such a pleasure to come to our building every day!  We signed our lease on Saturday, moved in on Sunday, and were open for business on Monday!  From the start, we loved that the building appears to be 19th century, but operates in a completely 21st century way, with high speed internet and always reliable phone service.  The building itself, from offices to hallways to bathrooms, are always clean and well maintained.  And any problem you might have is solved quickly, normally to standards beyond what you would expect.  I can’t imagine having a landlord better than the lovely folks at The Lind Building.” – J. Heusser

“You guys have a great office staff and always manage to respond to problems and questions in a reasonable amount of time.  Very safe building with secure access.  Maintenance is great and it’s clean.” – J. Hendrix

“This building is a step back in time.  Wonderful architecture and fixtures!  Hard to believe that it was built in 1984.  Inside, this building is full of people who work along side each other in peace.  The management team is a dream and we are grateful to be let into such a well run machine.  Such a clean and respectful place to be.  I look forward to being located here for a long while.” – E. Timman

“Unique architecture, large offices, windows, security, well maintained” – D. Lee

“Building is maintained well by management.  It is safe, secure and immaculately clean.” – T. Wilson

“I watched this building being built as a child and have grown up looking at it in awe.  Now as an adult, getting to actually work here is amazing.  It is as detailed and beautiful on the inside as the outside.  The Lind Family takes a lot of pride in the building and it shows.” – L. Marai

“We have been here 10 years and love the building.  Our clients feel comfortable, and the management is very responsive to anything we need.  We plan on staying for a long time.” – Dana L

“It took 9 months to find the right office space for what I had envisioned for my integrative medical offices.When I first walked into the building, I just knew if felt right. Then I looked at the office suite, it was more than perfect. With high ceilings, wood paneling in each office, the choice of halogen & fluoresce lights and so much more…   I knew I was home.the property manager is great, any issue that comes up it’s dealt with right away. It’s so nice to work with people who really care about their property.Thank you for making our office so comfortable, our patients complement us all the time on the building. We gracefully accept the complement and say we love being here too! A. Constantinides

“I love the look of the building, which is what drew my wife and I to seek an office here.  In contrast to the impersonal quality of a large office building, there is a cozy feeling that we like. The look of the building is matched by the beautiful interior of our office. In addition, the building is well kept and property managers are very responsive to our requests.” – Morris

“When we first moved our office into the Lind Building, we were nervous about initially getting office space due to adding overhead in a poor economy.   Our mind changed quickly when we met the property managers.  They made it was incredibly easy to move into the Lind Building.   Our furniture, parking, phone and fiber internet were all included in the price, and it was a great deal!   The ease of moving in combined with a beautiful building in a great location made the choice to move easy.  Over the past few years, Mr. Lind has very supportive and accommodating as our company has grown.  We are now in our third suite and continue to love being tenants in the Lind Building.   As an ad agency, we work late into the night and on weekends, and our female employees feel safe in such a secure building.   We had the pleasure of working closely with all of the employees of the Lind Building as we recently did a build-out in our new suite.   It’s nice to know that there is no turnover and we can speak to the same people consistently.   Again, we can’t say enough good things about The Lind Building and we look forward to many years to come.” – Jennifer S.